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 Mobile download service for kids in trouble

5th December


Nutters claim kids cam download porn from Telstra

Telstra has been caught out supplying supposedly porn videos through its website WotNext.com.au. Telstra is charging $1 to download "amateur porn" video clips of naked women sunbathing and wrestling, Daily Telegraph has reported.

Telstra launched WotNext in January this year as a site for young bands to promote their music. However, eight of the 10 most-viewed clips hosted on the site involve women in states of undress.

Nutter  groups have accused the carrier of exploiting young internet users and demanded the Rudd government intervene.

Women's Forum of Australia director Melinda Tankard Reist told the paper: The film clips on the site treat young women as sex objects ... all delivered through a part-owned government communications provider.

The Australian Family Association said that by running the site Telstra was rotting the minds of young men as well as women. Telstra are commercially exploiting young people," association spokeswoman Angela Conway told The Daily Telegraph: They're deliberately sexualising young people in the most worrying way purely for commercial exploitation.

However, Telstra said the website was not supposed to show porn and had ordered a review into its content guidelines. Some of the current videos and the descriptions on WotNext are an unintended consequence of the user generated site and fall short of community expectations, Telstra spokesman Peter Taylor said: But the clips themselves, they didn't show nudity, they didn't show sex, they were in no way soft porn. It's all material that would be classified M or below which is the industry standard.


12th December

Update: WotNext Nudity?...

The Government order an investigation

The Federal Government has ordered an investigation into a Telstra website that sold amateur porn videos for $1.

It came after revelations that Telstra's WotNext site had become a marketplace for smut peddlers who went halves with the telco on the takings from downloads on to mobile phones.

Telstra, still part-government owned, was forced to take the site down after intense backlash from family groups. The site was back online by the afternoon with restrictions.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy ordered internet watchdog Australian Communications and Media Authority to investigate.

Before the site was taken down almost all the most popular videos featured women in various states of undress.


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