Ninja Gaiden Black

Video game banned in Australia

8th February


The Australian censors kill another video game

The Australian censor has refused classification to Ninja Gaiden Black which was intended for release as an Xbox Originals title on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The justification behind this latest spit in the face of gamers across the nation is that the game prominently features decapitations, something apparently too much for the average gamer to cope with.

While it's easy to try and beat down the censor's doors, we must implore that the blame with the Attourney Generals who are stuck in their ethics rut and misconception that only children play video games.

The decision come as much of a surprise, considering the original release of Ninja Gaiden Black for the Xbox didn't officially grace Australian shores either.


9th February

Update: Ninja Gaiden Black...

Kill incorrectly attributed

It seems that the video game, Ninja Gaiden Black , hasn't been officially banned in Australia as it hasn't even been submitted for classification.

There is also no record in the OFLC's database of the game being banned and by now there would be had it been as it was supposedly banned on the 7th of this month.

The OFLC usually updates their database within 24hrs of classifying a product. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was released here without any issues and Black is the same game but with some tweaks.


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