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 Update: Warning! Book Censor...

Russian parliamentarians calls for books with strong language to be sold in plain covers displaying warnings

Link Here 16th April 2013

censored bookStanislav Govorukhin, head of the Russian parliament's committee on culture has said that books containing swear words should be sold in plain covers displaying warnings, just like pornography:

We should consider selling such literature in cellophane covers like pornographic publications, with the warning -- Caution - uncensored language.

President Vladimir Putin recently signed on a law making the use of obscene language by media outlets punishable by fines.


 Update: Not So Extreme...

Koran unbanned in Russia

Link Here 1st February 2014
Russia flag A Krasnodar court has overturned a ban on a popular Russian translation of the Koran (though the court has still not issued the written ruling), while a Tver court has overturned a ban in Russia on the main Jehovah's Witness international website.

Yet bans on religious literature amid controversial extremism accusations continue, Forum 18 News Service notes. Four more Jehovah's Witness texts were ruled extremist in December 2013. And no moves have taken place to lift a less publicised extremism ban on 68 Islamic texts, Nirzhigit Dolubayev, a lawyer representing one of the publishers in the case, told Forum 18.

Fines continue on mosques and individuals for possessing any of the 68 books - which include collections of hadiths [sayings of the religious character Mohammed].