scattershot protests from protesting sextremists


Offsite Article: Femen Censored in Ukraine...

Link Here 28th August 2013
Full story: Femen...scattershot protests from protesting sextremists
Police stitch up operation sounds about as sophisticated as Femen's protesting

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Offsite Article: The Man Behind the Tits...

Link Here 4th September 2013
Full story: Femen...scattershot protests from protesting sextremists
Documentary reveals that Victor Svyatski is the mastermind behind the scattershot feminist protest group, Femen

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Obituary: Oksana Shachko...

Founder of the topless protestors of Femen dies aged 31

Link Here 25th July 2018
Full story: Femen...scattershot protests from protesting sextremists
Few women outside the genre of pornography have bared their breasts as often and for such good reason as 31-year-old Ukrainian activist Oksana Shachko. As one of the original three founders of the activist group Femen, she has bared her bosom to popes and princes, to Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel to protest policies and ideologies.

Shachko's body was discovered in her apartment in Paris on Monday, and activist friends and family say they believe she committed suicide. Friends who knew Shachko well told The Daily Beast that she lived in a labyrinth of painful situations--personal issues, pressure from from her home country and from the reality she found herself in in France--and that she was suffering.

Shachko founded Femen with Anna Hutsol and Sacha Shevchenko in April 2008, when they were just 17 and looking for an outlet for their anger. Rather than joining those in the streets with Molotov cocktails and glass bottles, they used their sexuality in what has since been defined as sextremism protests aiming for a complete victory over the patriarchy. She was the first to pull off her shirt and show her bare breasts to a crowd during a political action on Ukraine's Independence Day, Aug. 24, 2009.

The women inspired a global movement of bare-breasted women to write slogans across their chests and put a ring of flowers in their hair to make a point


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