Religion vs Free Speech in the UK

 Religion is seemingly above criticism

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Link Here 9th October 2013  full story: Religion vs Free Speech in the UK...Religion is seemingly above criticism
london school economics logo Banning atheists for satirising religions at university freshers' fairs is a heavy-handed restriction on freedom of thought. By Ally Fogg

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 Updated: Muslims criticise BBC interview with extremist Anjem Choudary...

BBC responds to complaints

Link Here 24th December 2013  full story: Religion vs Free Speech in the UK...Religion is seemingly above criticism

Today programme Today, BBC Radio 4, 20 December 2013


We have received complaints from listeners who felt that it was inappropriate to interview Anjem Choudary on 20 December following the guilty verdicts in the Lee Rigby murder trial.

BBC News response

We have given great consideration to our reporting of the Woolwich murder and the subsequent trial, and carried a wide range of views from across the political and religious spectrums. We have a responsibility to both report on the story and try to shed light on why it happened. We believe it is important to reflect the fact that such opinions exist and feel that Anjem Choudary's comments may offer some insight into how this crime came about. His views were robustly challenged by both the presenter, John Humphrys and by Lord Carlile, the government's former anti-terrorism adviser.

Offsite Article: Oh Dear! We need a high priest of PC to rule when free speech, ethics, political correctness, propaganda and religion all collide


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