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Atheist cartoons offend the easily offended


Offsite Article: Jesus and Mo and Channel 4 News...

Link Here 1st February 2014
Channel 4 News had just one job to do here, which was to present its viewers the facts they needed not only to make sense of the story but to form their own opinion of it and decide for themselves whether this cartoon is offensive

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Offsite Article: Freedom of speech: Is it my right to offend you?...

Link Here 3rd February 2014
Fascinatingly detailed account of the religious censorship of the Jesus and Mo website

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Extract: Twenty five years on from Rushdie...

And we are too frightened to say we are scared. By Nick Cohen

Link Here 21st February 2014

In my You Can't Read This Book , I gave 10 rules for fighting back against dictatorial regimes and movements. The simplest, and the most important was:

If you are frightened, at least have the guts to say so. Once one did not write the word liberal and add hypocrite . Since the Rushdie Affair, the reflex has become automatic. The worst aspect of the fear the ayatollahs spread was that Western intellectuals were afraid of admitting that they were afraid. If they had been honest, they would have forced society to confront the fact of censorship. As it was, their silence made the enemies of liberalism stronger.

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