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 Sexting in the UK
 Authorities persecute children for sexting
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14th May

 Offsite Article: Jailing innocent children...

jail Prosecutors of sexting case should be themselves jailed for child abuse

See article from mirror.co.uk


16th February

 Offsite Article: Don't criminalise the selfie-generation...

myles jackman By criminalising young people between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, our political and justice systems show how disconnected they are from technological change and social values. By Myles Jackman

See article from mylesjackman.com


28th February

 Commented: Police told to back off from persecuting young people caught sexting...

Sexting still noted as a crime but police told to keep it off damaging police records
Home Offie logo Police in England and Wales are producing new guidelines designed to avoid criminalising children caught sending their own naked images to each other.

Under current shameful Home Office rules, any such sexting incident reported to the police must be recorded as a crime.

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) will advise teachers on when they should report such incidents. It confirmed to the BBC that new guidelines were being developed but were in very early stages.

  Offsite Comment: Why Sexting is an Attack on the Younger Generation

quap logo 28th February 2016. See  article from business.facebook.com . Thanks to Barry