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6th December

  Russian MPs recommend...

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FIFA 17 video game over rainbow football kit
Link Here
FIFA 17 Standard Edition PS4Russian MPs have sent a letter of complaint to the country's internet censors and state 'consumer protection' agencies asserting that FIFA 17 may be in violation of Russia's 2013 gay propaganda law that claims the presence of positive homosexual material in media will do harm to children's health and development.

In this case, it was games publisher EA giving out a free rainbow calcio kit that led to Communist MPs sending the letter. EA gave away the digital item in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign meant to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the sport.

According to The Guardian , MP Valery Rashkin says the family-friendly-rated game needs to be investigated by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications to ensure it is in compliance with the 2013 law.


6th December

 Petition More crap law from the EU...

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Video Universe

The European Commission says Internet hosts should pre-censor everything we upload to the Internet for copyright violations.
Link Here

computer says noThe European Commission says Internet hosts should pre-censor everything we upload to the Internet for copyright violations. The UK agrees.

Tell the UK's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) we don't want rights holders to monitor and filter the Internet!

The European Commission has published plans to force Internet companies to filter everything we upload in case it infringes copyright laws. The UK's Intellectual Property Office wants our views on the European Commission's plans. The UK Government is minded to support the plans if they can get them to work.

This could block Downfall parodies, campaign videos, TV clips, memes, profile pics -- anything that appears to reuse copyright content, even if it is legal to do so.

We need to stop this censorious, privacy-invading, anti-innovation proposal. Users of social media, photo, music and video sharing sites would all be hit hard.

Any company that lets you upload content to the Internet would check everything you upload against a database of copyright works - a massive violation of privacy in order to create this censorship regime.

If you want to insist on your right to publish, you'd have to supply your name and address and agree that you can be prosecuted by the rightsholder. That will put most people off taking the risk, even if they are within their rights to do so. And if rightsholder think that websites aren't monitoring their users' uploads closely enough, they can take those websites to court too.

Sign the  petition from


6th December

 Diary: Triple Six Horror Festival...

27th-28th May 2017, Manchester
Link Here

triple six 2017 logoTriple Six Horror Festival
27th-28th May 2017
AMC, Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester, UK

Set in the iconic Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester, AMC is a 16-screen, state of the art cinema complex.

Soon, 2 of the UK's most established horror websites, UK HORROR SCENE and THE SLAUGHTERED BIRD, will be taking it over for 2 days to bring you the best in independent horror.

Join us at Triple Six Horror Fest!

The Triple Six Horror Film Festival have announced that their first special guest will be the groundbreaking director Richard Stanley who will be with them for the entire weekend. PLUS they will be showing his debut feature Hardware (1990) on 35mm followed by a full Q&A with Richard.

Hardware is a totally unique, visually stunning feature that needs to be seen on the big screen. Aesthetically compared to Gilliam & Jodorowsky and with a real 1990's man vs machine mentality that summed up the age when technology was becoming an essential part of life not a luxury, along with a stunning industrial score, Hardware is a mix of horror, sci-fi and much more. Rarely seen on the big screen ,especially in 35mm, this will be an amazing one-off experience !!


6th December

 Offsite Article: Star Trek: looking back at the BBC's ban and censorship...

Link Here
Star Trek Original Full JourneyWith a new Star Trek TV series incoming, Den of Geek revisits the show's long history of censorship at the BBC...

See article from


6th December

 Offsite Article: Banned Books and Blockbusters...

Link Here
Tropic Cancer Penguin Modern ClassicsHow the publishing industry took on the taboo. By Louis Menand

See article from


5th December

  Advertising its new chief censor...

ASA appoint David Currie as new Chairman
Link Here
david currieDavid Currie has been appointed Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority and will succeed the current Chairman, Chris Smith next year.

The appointment was announced by the Advertising Standards Board of Finance, the bodies that fund the advertising self-regulation system, following consultation with the Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), Ofcom and the Advertising Association.

Currie has good experience of media censorship as he was the founding Chairman of Ofcom.

Currie will take up his position from 1 October 2017.


5th December

 Comment: Porn is not conveniently organised in easy to block packages...

The politician behind Britain's porn censorship now thinks it might not even work. By Rob Price
Link Here  full story: UK Governments Consults on Age Checks for Porn...Government proposes censoring porn websites that are not age verified

business insider logoIt was Conservative MP and former minister John Whittingdale who introduced the bill. But now, the BBC is reporting that he's worried it might not actually work. He told Parliament:

One of the main ways in which young people are now exposed to pornography is through social media such as Twitter, and I do not really see that the bill will do anything to stop that happening.

This gets neatly at a key problem with the porn filter: The internet is not neatly divided into pornography and non-pornography. As I wrote last week , it's technically simple to block dedicated fetish websites. But plenty of sites mix porn with non-pornographic content, or include both conventional and non-conventional material -- raising serious questions as to how the filter could ever work in practice.

...Read the full  article from


5th December

 Diary: Gallowwalkers...

December on the Horror Channel
Link Here

Gallowalkers DVD Wesley SnipesAndrew Goth's ambitious and disaster beset zombie cowboy feature, Gallowwalkers , (it started production in 2009) finally gets an outing on UK TV on Friday 16 December at 9pm, courtesy of Horror Channel.

Starring Wesley Snipes (who served a prison sentence soon after the film was completed) Gallowwalkers is a heady mix of Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns, and Alejandro Jodorowsky's mystical cult classic El Topo . Set in a vast foreboding desert, we follow a cursed gunfighter Aman (Snipes) as he attempts to allude justice whilst killing the undead . Prepare for surreal true grit, a shock bonanza, and a fistful of corpses. It also stars fellow hard-nuts Kevin Howarth and Patrick Bergin.

That's not the only movie worth staying in for this December, Horror Channel also has a Boxing Day treat for you - the network premiere of Joe Dante's genuinely affecting monster movie Matinee , starring John Goodman.

Set in the 1960s, this early comedy from horror filmmaker Joe Dante centres on a teenage boy who befriends charismatic, humorously overblown movie producer Lawrence Woolsey (Goodman), who specialises in gimmick-filled horror films. Preparation for the premiere of Woolsey's latest opus, which stars a giant ant, coincides with the escalation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This culminates in unexpected chaos. Well worth a watch.

Other UK premieres on offer include Austin Chick's shocking payback thriller Girls Against Boys ; and Olatunde Osunsanmi's serial-killer crime gripper Evidence , starring Stephen Moyer.

There are also network premieres for Alex Proyas's absorbing sci-fi actioner Knowing , starring Nic Cage; Joseph J. Lawson's dinosaur-battling B-movie homage Age Of Dinosaurs , starring Treat Williams and Rachel Goldenberg's sci-fi flavoured mockbuster Sherlock Holmes .

ALSO... from Friday 16 December at 7pm there is the Network Premiere of Earth: Final Conflict Season 2 (1998)


5th December

 Offsite Article: Still outraged by movie hype, 44 years on...

Link Here
Last Tango Paris Marlon BrandoLudicrous story of Mara Schneider not being told about rape scene until shortly before filming when making Last Tango in Paris.

See article from


4th December

  The Evangelical Alliance recommends...

A new board game, Santa vs Jesus
Link Here
Santa VS Jesus Christmas FamiliesA campaign group, the Evangelical Alliance, has claimed that a new Christmas themed board games is offensive, shocking and blasphemous .

Santa vs Jesus , made by London company Komo Games, is played by two teams - one for each of the festive figures - who battle through challenges in an attempt to win the most believers .

It was funded via crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter which said it was the most complained about game in history . But fans have called it good fun .

Danny Webster, spokesperson for the Evangelical Alliance, whinged about the game, saying he believes:

It trivialises Christian belief and equates them both as fictional characters. With over 4 out of 10 people in the UK mistakenly thinking that Jesus was not a real historical person, this game won't help correct that.

At its heart Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and the gift of life he brings. Santa comes from the story of St Nicholas who as a Christian bishop was generous to the poor and was very happy to have Christ as his king.

When it comes to Santa vs Jesus, we're firmly on Team Jesus too. Image copyright Santa vs Jesus Image caption A promotional video for the board game involves the creators acting as Santa and Jesus while singing a jauntily catchy tune and sparring with one other

One of the creators of the game, Julian Miller, says:

Sales are exceeding all expectations and we've had to rush through another order with our manufacturer to keep up with the demand.

The enthusiasm of our family and friends and the rise in popularity of games such as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens made us realise there was a gap in the market for a funny tongue-in-cheek game pitting Santa against Jesus. For years people have wondered 'who rules Christmas? Santa or Jesus?'


4th December

 Offsite Video: The Britisher censored...

Link Here
the britisher videoYouTube video censored over a polite and well reasoned audio presentation speaking of feminists and their term 'sex object'

See video from YouTube


4th December

 Offsite Article: Facebook's verified badges giving fake news 'authenticity'...

Link Here  full story: Fake News...Declining respect for the authorities is blamed on 'fake' news
Facebook logoHow is Facebook meant to algorithmically spot 'fake' news when the subtle use of an apostrophe can so easily change fact into fiction

See article from


4th December

 Offsite Article: How our laws inspired Trump's attack on free speech. By Nick Cohen...

Link Here
impress 2016 logoLabour and Liberal authoritarian 'progressives' revisit UK press censorship perhaps in the hope that it can be used to silence popular opponents such as Trump and Farage

See article from


3rd December

 Update: Another seat of learning where the Sun never shines...

Plymouth Student's Union decides to censor the newspapers that voice the views of large sections of the British population
Link Here  full story: Student Union Censorship...Students Vs Free Speech
upsu logoStudents at Plymouth university have followed students at City, University of London by deciding to ban three newspapers from their campus.

It means that the campus shop run by Plymouth's students will not sell copies of the Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express and their Sunday equivalents from the new year.

According to a report in the Plymouth Herald , the decision was taken by the executive council of the University of Plymouth Students' Union (UPSU). The motion was passed, says a UPSU Facebook statement, by a large majority . However students themselves were not consulted. The Student's Union said:

Whilst we believe that freedom of expression and speech are inalienable human rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a number of British tabloids are known to express hateful views. [...BUT...]

They aim at belittling and demonising certain groups in society, such as immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, disabled people, the LGBTIQA+ community, Muslims, Black and Asian communities...

It is our duty to protect and empower and represent marginalised and discriminated against groups... UPSU opposes hatred, discrimination and demonisation of any individual..

Because of these very values that we hold and we are proud of, we believe that it is unethical for us to profit out of the sale of hateful, non-factual and anti-scientific media platforms.


3rd December

  Not my cup of tea...

Goa's Culture Minister blames the breakdown of society on TV soaps
Link Here
mandrekar dayanandWarning: Fake News Alert: No sane and rational person would ever utter such bilge. This must be fake news...surely...

An Indian politician has blamed soap operas for the breakdown of society, saying that women become so caught up in them that they neglect to make their husbands a cup of tea.

Goa's Art and Culture Minister Dayanand Mandrekar made the ludicous claims while speaking at an awards function: He spewed:

Women are so interested in watching these serials, that once they start watching them in the evenings, they do not even pay attention to their husbands who come home after a long day at work. She is not even in the frame of mind to ask him whether he would like to have a cup of tea or not.

He also said that because of soap operas people do not even care about religious festivals in the village , claiming many residents only attend if there is a break in programming.


3rd December

 Offsite Article: The Guardian surveys the world of 'fake news'...

Link Here  full story: Fake News...Declining respect for the authorities is blamed on 'fake' news
45 minutes wmdWhat is 'fake news' anyway? Is it news that hides truths that are unpalatable to the politically correct? Is it reports of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Is it politicians outlining improvements in the economy?

See article from


2nd December

  Censorship campaigners with a chipolata on their shoulder...

Moralists whinge about the French 12 rating for Seth Rogen's Sausage Party
Link Here
Sausage Party DVD Greg TiernanSausage Party is a 2016 USA animation comedy adventure by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon.
Starring Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. BBFC link IMDb

An animated fable about the delusion of religion. It is set in an American supermarket, its characters are horny and often blasphemous foodstuffs who at one point engage in a mass sex party.

Catholic and right-wing have whinged about a Seth Rogen cartoon featuring lots of strong language and a foodstuffs orgy scene.

France's film certification board,  (Centre National de la Cinematographie: Commission de Classification, CNC) has now come under renewed censorship pressure by conservative organisations angry at what they perceive as an overlenient rating given to a Hollywood cartoon.

In the US, the film was rated R for strong crude sexual content, pervasive language, and drug use. The film was cut in the US to avoid an NC-17 rating, with the censors asking for the deletion of the hairy scrotum of a pita bread. This cut version has been distributed worldwide. In the UK, it had 15 for very strong language, strong sex references . In France it has been given a 12 certificate.

Jean-Frédéric Poisson, president of France's Christian Democratic party whinged:

An orgy scene for 12-year-olds! Everything remains to be done to combat early exposure to pornography.

La Manif Pour Tours, which has campaigned against same-sex marriage fired of an angry tweet:

Hello CNC, explain how you can authorise the screening of a giant orgy for the whole family?

The Association of Catholic Families warned parents:

[The movie gives] the appearance of being intended for young people and children. its content is not only coarse, but also clearly pornographic, under cover of being 'politically incorrect'.

The French ratings board has traditionally been more lenient than its UK and US equivalents, but is not entirely out on a limb in Europe as Sweden awarded an even lower rating, 11A.


2nd December

  Secret Censorship...

A few super injunctions are still being ordered in Northern Ireland
Link Here  full story: Super Injunctions...Granting super powers to rich gaggers
Northern IrelandThrough an Assembly question to the Justice Minister, South Down UUP MLA Harold McKee has established that ultra-secretive super-injunctions are still being ordered in Northern Ireland.

A standard injunction is a gagging order imposed by a judge, which bans anybody in the court's jurisdiction from reporting a story, or naming the parties involved. A super-injunction goes further and seeks to ban any mention of the fact that such an injunction has been imposed in the first place.

Super-injunctions are so extraordinary and unwieldy that even the normally ban-happy London courts effectively banished them five years ago after getting a bad rap in a few celebrity cases.

However, it appears that Northern Ireland's courts are continuing to use the discredited orders. After a lull since 2009, a fresh super-injunction was granted in 2015 and another one just this year. That is all we are allowed to know.

Harold McKee linked the continuation of super-injunctions in Northern Ireland to the Executive's refusal to adopt the liberalising reforms to the defamation laws introduced across the rest of the UK.


2nd December

  The Dark Web...

French court jails man for the habitual visiting of websites promoting Islamic State
Link Here
France flagA man in France has been sentenced to two years in prison for repeatedly visiting pro-ISIS websites, even though there is no indication that he planned to stage a terrorist attack. The man was convicted by a court iunder a new law that has drawn scorn from civil liberties groups. In addition to the two-year prison sentence, he will have to pay a ?30,000 fine.

Police discovered the man's browsing history after conducting a raid on his house. During the investigation, they found pro-ISIS images and execution videos on his phone, personal computer, and a USB stick. An ISIS flag was on the wallpaper of his computer desktop, and his computer's password was "13novembrehaha," a reference to the night gunmen killed 130 people in attacks across Paris. The man had been regularly consulting jihadist websites for two years, police said.

This week's conviction is the latest handed down under a controversial law that criminalizes the "habitual" consultation of websites that promote terrorism. The law makes exceptions for those who visit the sites "in good faith" -- for research, to inform the public, or for judicial purposes.


1st December

 Petition: Encryption is under threat in Europe!...

Tell the EU Council: Protect our rights to privacy and security!
Link Here
access-now logoThe Council of the EU could undermine encryption as soon as December. It has been asking delegates from all EU countries to detail their national legislative position on encryption.

We've been down this road before. We know that encryption is critical to our right to privacy and to our own digital security. We need to come together once again and demand that our representatives protect these rights -- not undermine them in secret. Act now to tell the Council of the EU to defend strong encryption!

Dear Slovak Presidency and Delegates to the Council of the EU:

According to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Justice and Home Affairs Ministers will meet in December to discuss the issue of encryption. At that discussion, we urge you to protect our security, our economy, and our governments by supporting the development and use of secure communications tools and technologies and rejecting calls for policies that would prevent or undermine the use of strong encryption.

Encryption tools, technologies, and services are essential to protect against harm and to shield our digital infrastructure and personal communications from unauthorized access. The ability to freely develop and use encryption provides the cornerstone for today's EU economy. Economic growth in the digital age is powered by the ability to trust and authenticate our interactions and communication and conduct business securely both within and across borders.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur for freedom of expression has noted, encryption and anonymity, and the security concepts behind them, provide the privacy and security necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age.

Recently, hundreds of organizations, companies, and individuals from more than 50 countries came together to make a global declaration in support of strong encryption. We stand with people from all over the world asking you not to break the encryption we rely upon.

Sign the  petition from


1st December

  Too Late!...

Encryption, privacy and security has just been killed by the British government
Link Here
arms of the british governmentjpg logoAmong the many unpleasant things in the Investigatory Powers Act that was officially signed into law this week, one that has not gained as much attention is the apparent ability for the UK government to undermine encryption and demand surveillance backdoors.

As the bill was passing through Parliament, several organizations noted their alarm at section 217 which obliged ISPs, telcos and other communications providers to let the government know in advance of any new products and services being deployed and allow the government to demand technical changes to software and systems.

Communications Service Providers (CSP) subject to a technical capacity notice must notify the Government of new products and services in advance of their launch, in order to allow consideration of whether it is necessary and proportionate to require the CSP to provide a technical capability on the new service.

As per the final wording of the law, comms providers on the receiving end of a technical capacity notice will be obliged to do various things on demand for government snoops -- such as disclosing details of any system upgrades and removing electronic protection on encrypted communications.


30th November

 Update: The blind leading the blind...

Britain and Bangladesh start processes to censor internet porn.
Link Here  full story: Internet Censorship in Bangladesh...Internet censors to track down supposed blasphemy

Bangladesh flagThe Bangladesh and UK governments have started a process to block pornographic websites and stop publication of offensive contents in the countries.

Ragged Union JackThe Bangladesh Telecommunications Division and British Board of Film Censors have formed committees to detect and block websites that contain pornography, vulgar picture and video contents, according to a news agency report.

The committees will make a three-level technical proposal by listing such websites ad contents within a week, State Minister for Telecommunications Tarana Halim said. The process to block these will start after getting the list and proposal, she said after a meeting on controlling offensive internet contents at the Secretariat .

A director general of telecoms regulators BTRC will head the committee, which will comprise representatives from National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC), internet service providers (ISPs), mobile-phone operators and law-enforcing agencies. David Austin of the BBFC will spearhead UK censorship efforts.

Tarana said the drive against internet pornography will continue even after blocking the listed porn websites. And no doubt speaking for the UK too, she said:

The availability of internet pornography and offensive content is creating a negative social impact on all the citizens, including the adolescents.


30th November

  The 'wrong' sort of depictions of sexual violence...

New Zealand film censors find that main 'harms' of depiction of sexual violence seem to be the perpetuation of stereotypes
Link Here
oflc sexual violenceNew Zealand film censors of the Office of Film and Literature Classification have been commissioning research on the topic of the depiction of sexual violence in entertainment media. The censors have presented their report framed in the jargon of political correctness as follows:

Teenagers think that inaccurate depictions or misrepresentations of sexual violence in entertainment media are potentially harmful. Harms identified included normalisation, perpetuation of harmful stereotypes, negative impacts on victim/survivors, and being negatively influenced by behaviour seen on screen.

These are some of the findings detailed in Young New Zealanders Viewing Sexual Violence, the latest research report from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

Given that there is real concern in New Zealand about sexual violence in wider society, it is perhaps surprising that to-date there had been no New Zealand research asking young people about their views of sexual violence in entertainment media such as movies, TV shows and games.

The report is based on focus groups conducted with teenagers from Auckland and Wellington, undertaken by Colmar Brunton. It represents the first part of a research and consultation project exploring the effects -- particularly on young people -- of viewing sexual violence in entertainment media. The project also explores the impact on the wider community, and builds on international research showing that repeated exposure to violent entertainment content can have significant negative effects on young people.

Project leader Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana says that the findings will inform the classification of sexual violence depictions in New Zealand:

We hope the results of our own research translate into meaningful policy and action to improve the lives of New Zealanders, particularly in how they engage with entertainment media. We also hope the results encourage future (much needed) research on this subject both nationally and internationally.

The results so far suggest that it is not a question of if depictions of sexual violence are shaping young people's understandings of sexual violence, but how they are shaping young people's understandings.

Chief Censor Andrew Jack says some of the findings are hardly surprising:

We know that the development of children and young people is heavily influenced by their environment and the modern reality is that media is a large part of their environment.

The research shows that young people want more and better information rather than less when making viewing choices.

The wider project involves specialists in the field of sexual violence prevention, treatment and education (including front-line victim/survivor counsellors) and academics and officials with expertise in sexual violence. Preliminary findings reveal a high degree of concern about the nature of entertainment content being made available in New Zealand, and participants agreed that young people's unfettered access to material was a pressing issue in the provision of their services. A full report on these consultations will be published in due course.


30th November

 Update: Walling off the Russian internet...

Russia is getting Chinese help to censor its internet
Link Here  full story: Internet Censorship in Russia...Russia restoring repressive state control of media

Great Firewall of ChinaRussia wants to step up its ability to censor the Internet, and it's turning to China for help. China's Great Firewall is the envy of the Putin regime.

The Russian government recently passed a series of measures known as Yarovaya's laws that require local telecom companies to store all users' data for six months, and hang on to metadata for three years. And if the authorities ask, companies must provide keys to unlock encrypted communications.

There has been some skepticism as to whether such laws would -- or even could -- be enforced but earlier this month Russia's internet censor, Roskomnadzor, blocked all public access to LinkedIn.

What's more, it is now clear that Russia has been working with authorities in charge of censoring the Internet in China to import some aspects of the Great Firewall that have made it so successful. According to the Guardian , the two countries have been in close talks for some time, and the Chinese digital equipment maker Huawei has been enlisted to help Russian telecom companies build the capacity necessary to comply with Yarovaya's laws.


30th November

 Offsite Article: In defence of Eric Bristow...

Link Here
Eric Bristow Autobiography Crafty CockneyThe PC lynch mob takes aim at TV presenter. By Brendan O'Neill

See article from


29th November

 Update: Lib Dems to oppose internet censorship...

A rare occurrence these days, politicians that are standing up for the rights of the people
Link Here  full story: UK Governments Consults on Age Checks for Porn...Government proposes censoring porn websites that are not age verified
Lib Dems logoThe Liberal Democrats are to oppose plans to censor internet porn sites in the name of 'protecting the children'. Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, said:

Liberal Democrats will do everything possible to ensure that our privacy is not further eroded by this Tory government.

Clamping down on perfectly legal material is something we would expect from the Russian or Chinese governments, not our own. Of course the internet cannot be an ungoverned space, but banning legal material for consenting adults is not the right approach.

The Internet Service Provider Association has also said moves to force providers to block adult sites that do not age verify has the potential to significantly harm the digital economy . ISPA chair James Blessing said:

The Digital Economy Bill is all about ensuing the UK continues to be a digital world leader, including in relation to internet safety. This is why ISPA supported the government's original age verification policy for addressing the problem of underage access of adult sites at source.

Instead of rushing through this significant policy change, we are calling on government to pause and have a substantive discussion on how any legal and regulatory change will impact the UK's dynamic digital economy and the expectations and rights of UK Internet users.


29th November

  6 months in prison for wearing somebody else's medal...

Gareth Johnson, Britain awards you the Britisher's Cross, for distinguished ineptitude in legislative service
Link Here

Gareth JohnsonA ludicrous Private Member's Bill making it offence for people to wear military medals to which they are not entitled has been backed by the government.

The Awards for Valour (Protection) Bill tabled by Conservative MP Gareth Johnson passed its Commons second reading on Friday.

It could create a new criminal offence with a maximum penalty of six months' imprisonment or a £5,000 fine.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says he fully supports the proposal.

It is so typical of our disgraceful politicians, to propose extreme punishments for trivial reasons so that they can feel good about some pet peeve of theirs.

James Glancy, a former captain in the Royal Marines who received the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his service in Afghanistan, told the BBC's Daily Politics the bill goes too far . He commented:

I think it's just going too far to suggest someone could go to prison. I think it's very important to look at what's going on with someone that is actually pretending that they served in the armed forces. There may well be a serious mental health problem and actually that person just has low self-esteem, they're not a threat to the public, and they actually need professional help.


29th November

 Offsite Article: The question of hate speech...

Link Here
index logoJodie Ginsberg, CEO of Index on Censorship spoke at the 30th anniversary of the Rafto Forum

See article from