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5th July

 Update: Long forgotten freedoms...

Russia's parliament passed bill enabling internet censorship under a local version of the EU's 'right to be forgotten'
Link Here  full story: Internet Censorship in Russia...Russia restoring repressive state control of media
Russian Duma logo Lawmakers have passed a bill enabling further internet under Russia's version of the 'right to be forgotten'. The bill was rushed through parliament after only being submitted on May 29.

The new law, passed despite objections from Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, will allow people to censor search links about them that they do not like. i

The legislation is reported to be broader than the European Union's right to be forgotten initiative.

Yandex, after failing to get amendments incorporated, said it had major objections to the final version of the law said:

Our point has always been that a search engine cannot take on the role of a regulatory body and act as a court or law enforcement agency. We believe that information control should not limit access to information that serves the public interest. The private interest and the public interest should exist in balance.


5th July

 Offsite Article: Pose Invariant PErson Recognition or 'Piper'...

Link Here
silhoette guess who Facebook can recognise you from photos even it can't see your face. Researchers trained the software using 60,000 photos taken from Flickr It was able to correctly identify individuals with more than 83% accuracy

See article from dailymail.co.uk


4th July

 Offsite Article: Police still harassing photographers, this time at a Brighton shopping centre...

Link Here  full story: Policing of Photographers...Snapshot of a British police state
place-churchill-square For all the thousands of photographers that have been harassed by the authorities, I wonder if this has ever led to a terrorist being discovered.

See article from dailymail.co.uk


4th July

 Offsite Artilce: Extreme Oppression...

How a Facebook User in Thailand Was Sentenced to 50 Years in Jail for 'Defaming' the Monarchy
Link Here  full story: Lese Majeste in Thailand...Criticising the monarchy is a serious crime
kai jailed thaialnd


3rd July

  Age of Enlightenment...

French film classifiers overrule government and pass Gasper Noe's Love with a 16 certificate
Link Here
love rated 16   Love is a 2015 France / Belgium drama by Gaspar No.
Starring Gaspar No, Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin. Youtube link IMDb

A sexual melodrama about a boy and a girl and another girl. It's a love story, which celebrates sex in a joyous way.

Gaspar No's new film Love has been given a 16 rating in France, despite a government 'recommendation' that it should receive an 18 rating.

The 3D drama, which features explicit sexual scenes, was originally rated 16, but the French culture minister Fleur Pellerin made the unusual move of interfering. Pellerin requested that there be a second review, given the sexual nature of the film. But despite this, the certificate remained the same.

The French directors' guild also stood by No and criticised Pellerin. The group said in a statement:

We have nothing to gain from being in the game of conservatism and puritanism. The 'moralisation' of works, the intimate friend of censorship, is a dangerous game. The filmmakers of ARP remain convinced that poetry, sexual as it is, [from] filmmaker Gaspar No, will remain a better educational source than that of porn debauchery permanently available on the internet.

Note that the 16 certificate in France is used for films towards the strong end of violence, and for those featuring softcore or else non pornographic real sex. The French 18 rating is reserved for hardcore pornography. UK 18 rated films not on the stronger end of the sex or violence spectrums are often 12 rated in France.


3rd July

 Extract: Touch of Evil...

The BBFC looks back to 1958 when it censored Orson Welles' classic crime thriller
Link Here
Touch Evil Masters Cinema Blu ray To coincide with a nationwide re-release of Touch Of Evil, and a BFI season to mark the centenary of Orson Welles during July and August (2015), The BBFC takes a look at the censorship file for the 1958 thriller:

Touch Of Evil arrived at the BBFC for classification in April 1958, and much of the original film file is lost. BBFC examiner records do however include a cuts list for the original submission, available here, which shows the Board's concerns about scenes of violence, implied gang rape, and gore in the film. With these reductions made, the film was passed A, meaning it was more suitable for adults.

...Read the full article


3rd July

 Campaign: Vote Non...

Wikipedia spearheads the campaign against more crap EU censorship law that will remove the right to freely use photos of notable buildings and monuments
Link Here
blacked out london-eye Wikipedia is campaigning against yet more censorial legislation from the EU. Wikepedia writes:

Absence of full Freedom of Panorama means we can't illustrate Wikipedia properly.  

For more than a decade, volunteers have compiled countless facts and contributed millions of hours to build Wikipedia. Photographers have donated hundreds of thousands of photos to illustrate the articles.

The reason Wikipedia can freely depict public spaces in most of the countries in the European Union is that we enjoy full Freedom of Panorama . This is an exception to copyright that allows people to make and use photographs of public spaces without restriction, while at the same time protecting the architect's or visual artist's rights.

Now, the free use of many of these images is in danger by a proposal in the European Parliament . If the restrictive text accepted by the Legal Affairs Committee is adopted in the course of the upcoming EU legislative procedure on copyright reform, hundreds of thousands of images on Wikipedia would no longer be free and thus would no longer belong in Wikipedia.

Read more

Contact a Member of the European Parliament


3rd July

  Iceland est Charlie...

Buccaneering Pirate Party commendably gets blasphemy law repealed in Iceland
Link Here
Pirate Party Less than a week after Iceland's prime minister contended that his nation's fundamental values would be at risk should the insurgent Pirate Party ever come to power, the group has celebrated its first legislative success, the decriminalization of blasphemy.

Birgitta Jonsdottir , one of three Pirates in the Althing, Iceland's Parliament, was among party activists celebrating the vote in favor of their bill to repeal the prohibition on impious irreverence, which had been in force since 1940.

The measure to repeal the law , which made ridiculing or insulting the dogmas or worship of a lawfully existing religious community an offense punishable by a fine or up to three months in jail, was introduced in January , in the wake of the murderous attack in Paris on Charlie Hebdo.

While the vote was underway in the Althing, The Iceland Monitor reported , all three of the party's members took the floor to say, I am Charlie. After the bill was made law, the party said in a statement , The Icelandic Parliament has issued the important message that freedom will not bow to bloody attacks.


3rd July

 Updated: Paying for Immorality...

MasterCard and Visa censor adult services on BackPage.com
Link Here  full story: Advertising for Adult Services...US censors advertising for adult sex services
visa mastercard logo MasterCard and Visa have supported a move to censor advertisements in the adult section of classified ad website Backpage.com.

The credit card companies will now longer allow their card to be used for payment for such adverts.

The move comes after a sheriff in Cook County, Illinois named Thomas Dart requested that both credit companies sever ties with the site. He cites for reasons of supposed trafficking but no doubt the basis is a moral judgement against adult services.

Update: Censored by MasterCard even when the service is legal

3rd July 2015. See  article from  couriermail.com.au

Australia flag Thosusands of Australian sex workers say their legitimate business is being brought to a grinding halt by censorship by credit card companies instigated by a US county sherriff.

Mastercard has announced it was implementing a worldwide ban on customers placing adult ads on Backpage.com, an online classified advertising marketplace used widely by sex workers to promote their services.

The site has long come under fire from moralist in the US, where sex work is illegal in most states, for promoting prostitution. But the censorship still applies even where legal.

The Scarlet Alliance, which speaks on behalf of Australian sex workers, said Backpage.com was the primary source of clientele for many local sex workers.

Brisbane sex worker Nikki Cox said she was angry and upset about Mastercard's decision. She said:

We have fought long and hard in this country to have the rights that we do.

For a sheriff in the USA to come along and appeal to have credit card companies remove the option of using our card to pay for advertising services is a badly thought out decision on his behalf.

This is fine for the USA where sex work is illegal in 49 states but it should not have a rollover effect in Australia.

Scarlet Alliance CEO Janelle Fawkes went one step further, accusing Mastercard of discrimination.

We have anti-discrimination protection for sex workers in some parts of Australia, and much of that legislation is framed around treating sex workers differently and disadvantaging them.

This is very specifically singling out and discriminating against sex workers, which is absolutely unacceptable.

Sex workers are part of the community and are earning a legitimate income like everyone else, and they have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else.


2nd July

  Kindergarten Cop...

Cutting Edge Quick Trims Episode 22. BBFC category cuts for a 12 rating. By Gavin Salkeld
Link Here
Kindergarten Cop Kindergarten Cop is a 1990 USA action crime comedy by Ivan Reitman.
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller and Pamela Reed. Youtube link BBFC link IMDb

John Kimble is a tough city cop who's been on the trail of drug dealer Cullen Crisp for years. He finally tracks Crisp down but it seems the only person that can testify against him is his ex-wife. The problem is she's disappeared and all Kimble knows is the name of the school in Oregon where her son attends. When things don't quite go to plan, Kimble finds he has to go undercover on his toughest assignment yet - Kindergarten teacher!

To mark the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger, actioner Terminator Genisys, Gavin Salkeld looks back to the BBFC cuts to achieve a 12 rating for Kindergarten Cop.

The BBFC seemed to be struggling a bit with the new 12 rating as the cuts spoiled a few scenes, whilst not really achieving much change to the level of violence.

See video from YouTube


2nd July

 Update: Australia measures up as a big girl's blouse...

More details on Australia's censorial new game and app banning scheme
Link Here  full story: Online Games Censorship in Australia...Online games producers try to evade censorship

measure bra size prankjpg In the past four months, the Australian Classifications Board has labelled 220 video games, making it illegal to sell, advertise or exhibit them in the country.

Australian newspapers have been downplaying the censorship saying that it doesn't sound so bad when one realises that the amount of bans is related to the large quantities of back catologue apps being processed via a new rapid decision program, perhaps up to 150,000 of them.

In fact that the 220 games are properly banned under censorial rules for what's allowed in adults only R18+ games. There was a lot of political opposition to allowing an adults rating at all and the final compromises rules ban games for content that would be perfectly legal in most western countries. For instance more or less anything to do with the depiction of drugs is banned from Australian games.

Examples of banned games on the list include:

  • AK47 Simulator
  • Torture the Murderer 2
  • Measure Bra Size Prank
  • Islam Today
  • Douchebag Beach Club
  • Pass the Grass
  • Time for Cocaine
  • Wrecking Miley
  • Police Bus for Criminals
  • 2015 Athletic Fruits Girls
  • Fun Swimming Pool Love Kiss

There are also several instances of the same game developer submitting multiple, obviously identical games (for example Weed Time submitted as Smoke a Bong FREE, Smoke a Bong, Smoke a Joint, Smoke a Joint FREE and Nose Dose ).

So it seems there are still serious discussions to be had around Australia's game censorship system, including the fact that Australia is much stricter than other countries when it comes to representations of sexual content and drugs, something that has resulted in the blocking of a handful of high quality, well-respected games that adult players in other countries enjoy.


2nd July

  Reverse Voltaires...

Five new threats to free speech today. Mick Hume's new book examines what's changed in the free-speech wars
Link Here
Trigger Warning Offensive Killing Speech


2nd July

 Offsite Article: What does the taxman know about you, your finances and your lifestyle?...

Link Here
HMRC logo HMRC's new software trawls billions of items of data from dozens of sources in its hunt for underpaid tax, and it's about to have access to even more, which can be shared with 60 other countries

See article from telegraph.co.uk


1st July

  Heads roll after William Tell misses its target...

Royal Opera House goers boo a naked rape scene in a 15 rated production of Rossini's William Tell
Link Here
william tell The opening night of William Tell at the Royal Opera House has been marked by boos over a rape scene with nudity. Some opera goers also booed at the end of the performance when the production team came on stage for the curtain call.

The BBC news report suggests that the booing may not have been totally aimed at the depiction of the rape, but may be connected with fundamentalist opera goers who feel that directors should stick more closely with operas as written. And in this age of the PC bully, they feel that their views should be heard above those of the director and other opera goers.

The Opera House issued a statement after the performance of Guillaume Tell apologising for any distress caused. Director of opera Kasper Holten said:

The production intends to make it an uncomfortable scene, just as there are several upsetting and violent scenes in Rossini's score. We are sorry if some people have found this distressing. 'Brutality and suffering'.

The scene puts the spotlight on the brutal reality of women being abused during war time, and sexual violence being a tragic fact of war.

Rossini's opera of the Swiss patriot, William Tell, who shoots an arrow that splits an apple atop his son's head, was directed by Damiano Michieletto.

The Stage gave the production one star. George Hall called it:

A dire evening in which the gratuitous gang-rape scene provoked the noisiest and most sustained booing I can ever recall during any performance at this address.

Michael Arditti, the Sunday Express theatre critic said the production represented a new nadir for the opera house and heads should roll .

But some were upset at the booing in the audience. Janice Evans wrote she was:

In shock at this level of intolerance exhibited in the ROH. I felt abused by their aggression and ashamed of their disrespect for the performers.

The Royal Opera's production of William Tell will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 on Tuesday 14th July at 5.50pm. The production is also being shown as live at cinemas and caries a BBFC 15 rating.


1st July

  Arbitrary Standards...

A few people claim that they are offended by the Beach Body Ready advert and ASA claims that they are not
Link Here
beach body ready advert Before investigating the issues raised below we told Protein World that, due to our concerns about a range of health and weight loss claims, the ad could not appear again in its current form.

While the ad was prohibited from appearing again solely on those grounds, we undertook a separate investigation to establish whether the ad was in breach of the advertising rules on harm, offence and social responsibility.

A poster for a slimming product, seen on the London Underground network, stated ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY? and featured an image of a toned and athletic woman wearing a bikini.

378 complainants, who raised a range of issues around offence and potential harm, challenged whether:

  1. the ad implied that a body shape which differed from the idealised one presented was not good enough or in some way inferior and was, therefore, offensive; and
  2. the combination of an image of a very slim, toned body and the headline ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY? was socially irresponsible in the context of an ad for a slimming product.

ASA Assessment: Complaints not upheld

1. Not upheld

The ASA understood that the Copy Advice team had seen the ad prior to it appearing and advised that it was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence. We recognised that beach body was a relatively well understood term that for some people had connotations of a toned, athletic physique similar to the image of the model in the ad. We considered that it also had a broader meaning - that of feeling sufficiently comfortable and confident with one's physical appearance to wear swimwear in a public environment. We considered the claim ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY? prompted readers to think about whether they were in the shape they wanted to be for the summer and we did not consider that the accompanying image implied that a different body shape to that shown was not good enough or was inferior. We concluded that the headline and image were unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.

2. Not upheld

Although we understood the claim Are you beach body ready? invited readers to think about their figures, we did not consider the image of the model would shame women who had different body shapes into believing they needed to take a slimming supplement to feel confident wearing swimwear in public. For that reason, we concluded the ad was not irresponsible.


1st July

  One Sided Net Neutrality...

EU seems set to allow wide ranging exemptions to net neutrality including blocking censored or age protected content
Link Here
EU flag

The European Union has said an exception to net neutrality rules, covering spam filtering and blocking porn, was part of its new compromise deal.

The deal included four instances when net neutrality rules need not be applied.

One of the four exceptions was filtering spam as well as allowing parents to set up parental filters that block pornography or gratuitous violence from children.

However, the commission now admits that this exemption was announced before it was actually agreed.

The three other exceptions were the blocking of illegal content; preventing the misuse of networks, for instance viruses, malware or denial of service attacks; and finally to minimise network congestion that is temporary or exceptional .

However tech websites have suggested that the EU exemptions may undermine net neutrality. See The EU Could Kill Net Neutrality With a Loophole from wired.com


1st July

  No wonder MPs are detached from the real world...

Newspapers reveal how internet censorship denies MPs basic internet resources such as the urban dictionary
Link Here
Houses of Parliament Over blocking on Westminster's internet network is denying MPs the basic tools to do their job properly.

The press have had a field day about a particular website being blocked called sexymp.co.uk which rates politicians by sex appeal and presents visitors with photos of two randomly selected parliamentarians and asks which one would be preferable in bed.

Clearly some parliamentarians are given privileged uncensored internet as the Telegraph bemoans that more than 50,000 views to the sexymp.co.uk website were allowed compared with 484,683 attempts to view which were censored.

The next most popular banned website was the Urban Dictionary, with 155,000 attempted views, of which 8,180 were successful. Visitors can learn the meanings behind ghetto slang with phrases such as rich rolling - or showing one's most ornate materials .

Overall the MPs made more or less zero access to content termed porn in 2014 with the reported total access count being just 394.

A member of the IT staff spoke about the partial availability of uncensored internet feeds:

The intention is that all computers are subject to the same website filtering rules. As highlighted in the response to the FOI request, these rules had not been correctly applied to some connections, this has now been rectified.


1st July

 Updated: Motherducker!: Kanye West takes requests for your favourite offensive words...

BBC have fearful contingency plans to censor the rapper's 10:15pm performance at Glastonbury
Link Here
Graduation Extra Reissue Kanye West BBC bosses have been finalising contingency plans in case they can't air a lot of Kanye West's set from Saturday night's Glastonbury headline slot because of strong or 'offensive' language.

They want to avoid a repeat of ITV's embarrassment which saw the channel mute the audio during his performance of All Day, due to repeated mentions of the word 'nigger'. A BBC source said:

The set list can change at the last minute, so who knows what Kanye could say on stage?

There are contingency plans in place. A warning will be broadcast ahead of his set, advising viewers to expect bad language, but as he comes on at 10.15pm there's hope it will be acceptable post-watershed.

Given his excessive swearing at the Brits, there will be a lot of nervy execs during his performance.

But they'll have to play it by ear on the night.

Update: O go on...just a couple

28th June 2015. See  article from  mirror.co.uk

West said the word 'nigger' twice within minutes of his headlining set, during the tracks Nigger in Paris and Black Skinhead.

The rapper also got the crowd to participate in his latest track All Day. The chorus for All Day features the word 'nigger' repeatedly.

Update: Motherducker!

30th June 2015. See  article from  news.softpedia.com
See BBC subtitled video from YouTube

Given the post-watershed hour, the BBC decided not to bleep Kanye West for his Glastonbury performance, the BBC did though embarrass itself over a puerile attempt at censoring the strong language for the subtitles.

BBC Subtitles tried a new approach by replacing offensive words with words that sounded similarly but didn't include profanity.

This way, they got motherducker and shut the lock up and ligger / ligga and so, so many more hilarious words. Whoever was working on BBC Subtitles that night eventually lost heart and replaced all with the generic [HE RAPS].

These ludicrous substitutions certainly amused some viewers and fun was to be had by all on Twitter.

Meanwhile 44 whinged to TV censor Ofcom about the strong language.

Update: BBC official statement

1st July 2015. See  article from  bbc.co.uk

BBC logo Complaint

We received complaints from some viewers who were unhappy with some of the language used by Kanye West during his headline set.

BBC Response

The performance was broadcast after the watershed and clear warning notices were given that it may contain strong language -- both at the start of the show and again, with a caption placed on screen just as Kanye's act started.


1st July

 Offsite Article: I told you I was trouble...

Link Here
Poster Amy 2015 Asif Kapadia Amy Winehouse movie will not be re-edited because of criticism

See article from bbc.co.uk


30th June

  Plunging Viewing Figures...

Ofcom decides not pursue censorship of sexy dresses on Britain's Got Talent
Link Here
aleshas got talent TV censor Ofcom will not be investigating complaints about sexy outfits worn by Britain's Got Talent judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.

Some 89 viewers whinged to the censor and a few more contacted ITV, claiming that the pair's outfits with plunging necklines, were inappropriate for a family show .

An Ofcom spokesman explained:

We assessed a number of complaints about the clothing worn by two female judges being unsuitable before the watershed, but won't be taking the matter forward for investigation. In our view, the dresses appropriately covered the judges and they were not portrayed in a sexualised way.

Amanda Holden previously spoke about the whingers saying in The Sun:

I don't give a shit. Well. It's important we listen to everyone's voice but 50 complaints in 10.5million viewers is a 0.000005 per cent share. Plus, I think an Amanda Holden Chest Appreciation Society would have more than 50 members.


30th June

  Empowering the PC Lynch Mob...

New Zealand passes the Harmful Digital Communications Bill pandering to online bullies and the easily offended
Link Here
New Zealand flag The New Zealand Parliament has passed its third reading in Parliament. The final vote was carried with a  116 to 5 majority.

The Bill will:

  • Establish an Approved Agency to resolve complaints in a quick and efficient way
  • Give the District Court the power to issue take-down notices and impose penalties
  • Provide online content hosts with an Safe Harbour process for handling complaints
  • Make it an offence to send messages and post material online that deliberately cause serious emotional distress. The offence will be punishable by up to two years imprisonment or a maximum fine of NZ$50,000 for individuals, and a fine of up to NZ$200,000 for companies.
  • Create a new offence of incitement to commit suicide that applies where the person does not attempt to take their own life
  • Amend existing laws to clarify that they apply to communications, regardless of whether tormentors use online or offline means, and future-proofing the laws against technological advances.

Just one party opposed the bill, the right-of-centre Act Party, which says it fears the Harmful Digital Communications Bill will be another case study in bad law-making .

Party leader and MP David Seymour said the Bill creates a strange asymmetry between the virtual world and the real world where different standards apply to online and offline speech. The ten communications principles written into the Bill, he said, would be a good guide to desirable behaviour on a school camp.

The Bill was proposed after the two young women subject to digital bullying committed suicide and in the wake of the Roastbusters scandal, where the police were criticised for their response to online abuse,


30th June

  CBLDF Defender...

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund publishes a free quarterly mag on censorship issues
Link Here
cbldf defender issue 1 Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has abboiunced CBLDF Defender , a new free quarterly news magazine and is now available! It will be distributed at comic book stores across the US and also online at cbldf.org .

Each issue of CBLDF Defender will bring engaging creator interviews, detailed analysis of current censorship news, and in-depth features that tell the story of the people fighting for the freedom to read! Neil Gaiman kicks off the first issue with an in-depth interview on his battles with censorship. There's also news and analysis on the latest censorship battles raging in schools and libraries across the USA. Take a look at international cartoonist rights issues and the free speech fallout from the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Plus, a lively history of Bill Gaines, the U.S government, and the birth of the Comics Code!


29th June

 Offsite Article: ATVOD: The twilight zone...

Link Here
erotic review logo Why is this shadowy, privately-owned regulator allowed such far-reaching control? By Ian Dunt

See article from eroticreviewmagazine.com


28th June

  Less Human...

Channel 4's Humans has been censored compared with the more sexy original
Link Here
Humans DVD

Channel 4's latest hit drama Humans is based on a Scandinavian series called Akta Manniskor (Real Humans). But while the characters and the plot are almost identical, the UK version is markedly less sexy.

The Swedish version features several sexual encounters between humans and machines which will not feature in the remake, while scenes featuring nudity have been toned down. Co-writer Sam Vincent told The Mail on Sunday:

There is no nudity in the British version. We do not want to be perceived as being exploitative.

Last week, teenager Toby try to touch the breasts of robot synth Anita, played by Gemma Chan. But she stopped him, declaring it inappropriate. However, in the Swedish version, Anita allows him to rub her intimately. In another scene from the original, a male cyborg touches his female owner's breasts over the breakfast table before the couple are shown making love. This too is absent from the British version. And in another moment cut from the UK remake, the Swedish Anita removes her top and examines her breasts in a mirror.


28th June

  Come again!...

An advert censor actually sees the funny side of a Ted 2 poster with an allusion to wanking
Link Here
Ted 2 Mark Wahlberg The Australian Advertising Standards Board investigated a complaint about a poster for Ted 2.

This poster advertisement features an image of Ted, an animated teddy bear. He has his back to the camera and the text reads, ted is coming, again. coming soon. Ted2TheMovie.com.au .

A complainant wrote:

In the poster we see Ted's back with both hands in front of him, out of view. Ted is in a pose that you might think he is urinating. The tagline for the poster says Ted is coming, again. I'm not offended by crass jokes, though I don't find this funny or not funny. I find the poster very inappropriate for a public space where children, young teenagers and older people walk past. Most people won't make the connection to masturbating and ejaculation, but I did and I found it inappropriate. Some fans of the Ted movie obviously will also make the connection and not be offended, but what about young kids, women, teenage girls? I do not think this sort of advertising should be allowed in a public space.

The Board noted that the image is directly related to the movie and that relevance of the image to the product or service advertised is relevant in determining whether the advertisement treats sex, sexuality or nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience.

The Board noted that it had previously considered an advertisement of a similar nature where Ted was seen urinating at a urinal. In that case the Board considered that most members of the community would find the advertisement to be lighthearted and would recognise that the image is directly related to the movie being promoted.

Consistent with the decision above the Board considered that members of the community who would likely watch the movie would be aware of the comical nature of the movie and the way the character Ted misbehaves. The Board noted that the movie is directed to an adult audience, however the Board agreed that the image of a bear would be attractive to children. The Board noted that the Bear is not actually doing anything wrong and noted that there is no nudity and no evidence of any inappropriate behaviour.

Based on the above, the Board determined that the advertisement did not breach Section 2.4 of the Code.


28th June

  Black Humour...

Having fun with the ISIS flag at London's gay pride event
Link Here
isis flag gay pride To the casual observer, the black flag with unfamiliar white symbols looked out of place among the colourful outfits and banners at London's gay pride march.

CNN certainly thought so, running photographs of the flag above a banner headline, saying: Isis flag spotted at gay pride event. The segment was billed as an exclusive and the network even lined up one of its top security analysts, Peter Bergen, to discuss its appearance.

However the flag was a spoof, with the apparent Arabic script actually being pictures of dildos, dongs and butt plugs.

Lucy Pawle, a CNN journalist, didn't spot the subtleties and went on air being surprised that no-one else had reacted to the flag.  She said:

This man dressed in black and white waving what appears to be a very bad mimicry of the Isis flag, but a clear attempt to mimic the Isis flag, the black and white flag with the distinctive lettering.

She also said that she had alerted the police to its presence.

The news clip has now been deleted.