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Front Page Link Only

Front page text link in the Sponsors section of

  • 20.00 GBP for 3 months
  • 30.00 GBP for 6 months
  • 50.00 GBP for 12 months

Contact Dave for further details:



 Melon Farming Advertising...

Decorated Pages Package

Decorated Pages Package

  • 30.00 GBP for 3 months
  • 50.00 GBP for 6 months
  • 90.00 GBP for 12 months

This package includes:

There are additional charges for animated images, phone sex, erectile assistance products

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  Melon Farming Advertising...

Details applying to all packages


Note that the charges include occasional updates when website details change or else for promotions etc.


There is a 30% discount for the 2nd and subsequent shops/products from the same subscriber.


Melon Farmers can optionally suggest advert design/layout using images and text from the advertised website. This can then be fine tuned to meet the advertisers requirements.


Payment is in advance.

Payment maybe be via sterling cheque, BACS, CHAPS or PayPal.

Melon Farmers Ltd is not VAT registered


Contact Dave for further details:

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