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 2012: November


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  Texas Chainsaw...

Passed 18 by the BBFC

Link Here 30th November 2012

texas chainsaw Texas Chainsaw 3D is a 2013 USA horror mystery thriller by John Luessenhop.
With Alexandra Daddario, Tania Raymonde and Scott Eastwood. YouTube icon IMDb

The BBFC have just passed the film 18 uncut for strong bloody violence and gory images for cinema release with a running time of 91:50s.

See article from bbfc.co.uk

  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey...

Passed 12A by the BBFC

Link Here 30th November 2012

v1. sy317 cr1,0,214,317 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a 2012 US fantasy adventure by Peter Jackson.
With Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage. YouTube icon IMDb

The BBFC have just passed the film 12A uncut for moderate violence for cinema release with a running time of 166:00s


  The Last of the Mohicans...

The Director's Definitive Cut released on UK Blu-ray

Link Here 30th November 2012

Last Mohicans Blu ray Region Free The Last of the Mohicans is a 1992 US adventure by Michael Mann.
With Daniel Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe and Russell Means. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: The Director's Definitive Cut  looks set to be 12 rated for:

  • UK 2012 Warner R0 Blu-ray at UK Amazon released on 26th November 2012

See pictorial version details from movie-censorship.com . The changes are uncontroversial in terms of censorship.

Promotional Material

In mid-18th century America, woodsman Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis) lives amongst British colonists in New York state, but shares the cultural values of his adopted Mohican father, Chingachgook (Russell Means). At the height of the French-Indian war, Hawkeye is asked to lead two British sisters, Cora and Alice (Madeleine Stowe and Jodhi May), through dangerous territory to their father's fort. With the French-allied Hurons on their trail, one of whom has a personal vendetta against the daughters, Hawkeye and his companion Uncas still find time for romance with their charges, much to the chagrin of the accompanying Major Duncan Heyward (Steven Waddington), who has set his cap at Cora.



  I Spit on Your Censorship...

I Spit on Your Grave still getting noticed in New Zealand

Link Here 30th November 2012

Spit Your Grave Region NTSC A video rental store in Hamilton, New Zealand has been forced to pull a movie from its shelves which was banned by censors in 2011 for scenes of rape and sadistic violence.

United Video owner Mike Puklowski said he had no idea the film was banned even though the store promoted it as banned .

Censors last year approved a re-issue of the 1978 original on Blu-ray, but were scathing of the remake in a March 2011 decision by the classifications office:

The [2010 remake] contains long and realistic scenes showing the brutal terrorisation and rape of a woman by a group of men. Later scenes show her implausible but sadistic vengeance against her tormentors.

It encouraged attitudes that contribute to sexual violence, torture by terror and other extremes of cruelty and violence, particularly against women.

The treatment of the woman before she is raped, is an all-too-plausible and realistic version of the kind of abuse meted out to many women. There is minimal effort to explain the sadistic behaviour of the male characters.

The length of the scenes and their gratuitous focus on [her] suffering offer maximum opportunity for misogynistic pleasure. Viewers are repeatedly invited to share the point of view of the rapists and are therefore placed in the position of prurient voyeurs.

Some viewers may well identify with male dominance and power, and echo the men's enjoyment of the woman's terror and humiliation.

A spokeswoman from the Office of Film and Literature Classification confirmed the film was 'objectionable', a ruling which meant possessing, or downloading it would be an offence.



 Update: Feel Free to Insult Me!...

Lords propose amendment to remove the word insult from Section 5 of the Public Order Act

Link Here 30th November 2012  full story: Public Order Act...Enabling police censorship

reform section 5 logo The Reform Section 5 campaign has taken a major step forward with the tabling of an amendment in Parliament to remove the word insulting from section 5 of the Public Order Act.

The amendment, to the Crime and Courts Bill, was made by Lord Dear, former Chief Constable of the West Midlands police, and countersigned by three prominent lawyers, former Lord Chancellor Lord Mackay of Clashfern, former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord (Ken) MacDonald and Baroness (Helena) Kennedy QC.

The amendment has been welcomed by the incoming Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Baroness Onora O'Neill, who said:

There is evidence that police are using this power to arrest and fine people for exercising their fundamental human right to freedom of expression.

Limitations on free speech to deal with offences such as incitement to hatred and violence are clearly necessary. However, a blanket ban on the use of any insulting words or actions is dangerous because it could criminalise anyone who speaks their mind, regardless of their intention.'

A legal change is vital to protect free speech along with better guidance on equality and human rights, to help police find the right balance between legitimate free speech and taking justifiable action against abusive words or conduct.'

The influential Joint (Parliamentary) Committee on Human Rights has also recommended that:

We understand the sensitivities with certain communities on the issue of criminalising insulting words or behaviour, but nonetheless we support an amendment to the Bill which reduces the scope of Section 5 Public Order Act 1986 on the basis that criminalising insulting words or behaviour constitutes a disproportionate interference with freedom of expression.

The campaign to reform section 5 has been led by the Christian Institute and the National Secular Society who last week wrote to every peer asking them to support the change.

Keith Porteous wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society said:

Given the high level of support, especially with such prestigious names, we are highly optimistic that this campaign will be successful. The deadline for the Government to respond to the consultation passed many months ago and there is no credible opposition.



We have no censored version of the game so we cannot release it in Germany. It feels fucking awkward to have one of the most successful games in years and nobody in your country knows it.

German rules on violent media say that it cannot contain violence against human-like characters and mutilation of corpses. Games often have to be censored so as to be made acceptable for release in the country.

 Update: Zombie Censors...

Dead Island: Riptide looks to be banned from Germany

Link Here 30th November 2012  full story: Killergames...German politicians target video games




A Welsh Government spokesman said:

Following last night's episode of Pobol y Cwm, we have made an official complaint to the BBC and S4C following what we believe to be a serious breach of BBC and Ofcom guidelines.

We have asked the BBC and S4C to take swift action to address our concerns.

The BBC's editorial guidelines are clear that programmes are expected to ensure that 'controversial subjects' are treated with due impartiality in all their output.

We do not believe this to be the case in this instance.

S4C's director of content Dafydd Rhys said the episode would not be pulled and it would still be available online: We're satisfied that the drama includes a variety of viewpoints which refer to the public debate about plans to eradicate Bovine TB.

  Spitting Blood...

Welsh Government asks TV companies to ban soap opera comments critical of policy about bovine TB

Link Here 30th November 2012




 Offsite Article: Ofcom to be Appointed as UK's Newspaper Censor...

Link Here 30th November 2012  full story: Leveson Report...Proposal to appoint Ofcom as the UK's newspaper censor
The Guardian outlines the Leveson's censorship proposals

See article from guardian.co.uk


 Offsite Article: Leveson Goes Too Far...

Link Here 30th November 2012  full story: Leveson Report...Proposal to appoint Ofcom as the UK's newspaper censor
Kirsty Hughes outlines Index's issues with the press inquiry's recommendations. Lord Justice Leveson's report could determine the path of the press in Britain for years to come.

See article from indexoncensorship.org


released, the BBFC is equipping parents with tools that are timely, intuitive and provide information at a glance, as well as a more in-depth explanation about what their children are going to see. Parents should not have to struggle to find out whether a film or DVD might upset their child or another family member and the BBFC is helping to ensure this is something all families can prevent.

Verity Gill, Founding Director of Grannynet said:

Here at Grannynet we are delighted with the new BBFCinsight tool which we feel adds an invaluable dimension to the already vital support that the BBFC offers to grandparents. Any way in which our members can feel more confident about what their grandchildren are watching will ensure the film selection process is easier and more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Putting ratings information online

Independent research carried out for the BBFC in 2011 found that 85% of respondents said it is important to have consistent BBFC classifications available for Video-on-Demand content, rising to 90% amongst parents with children under 16. As well as providing detailed BBFCinsight for every film classified, the BBFC's service for streamed and downloaded content, which launched in collaboration with the home entertainment industry in 2008, also provides trusted classifications, category symbols and BBFCinsight to set-top box, video-on-demand and other online content providers. Key affiliates using the BBFC service include Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Europe, Warner Bros., Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Universal, BT Vision, Tesco/Blinkbox, TalkTalk, Picturebox and Netflix.


The new BBFC website features all the BBFC's educational content, previously available on the Students' SBBFC website. This includes case studies about controversial films, competitions for kids and information about how to book BBFC educational visits. The BBFC has established a number of partnerships with the film industry and cinemas to increase its contact with parents and children. Dialogue with the public both online and through education seminars, is integral to the work of the BBFC and helps inform the issues raised at each review of the BBFC Classification Guidelines. As part of this education and outreach work, the BBFC visited around 130 schools, colleges and other institutions in 2011, speaking to around 12,000 students.

 Updated: Going to the Pictures...

The BBFC update their website

Link Here 29th November 2012


29th November  


See review from cine-vue.com

Censorship History

UK: Passed 18 after 53s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 1997 Manga VHS
  • UK 1995 Manga VHS

See pictorial cuts details from movie-censorship.com . The BBFC were deleting sights of martial arts weaponry at this time:

  • The first cut occurs during the scene where Tessai kills the ninjas in the forest. A scene where all the ninjas simultaneously throw Shurikens at Tessai has been cut.
  • The next cut occurs during the scene where Tessai sexually assaults Kagero. He rips off her top and proceeds to lick her breasts, legs, and crotch. She then wakes up and he grabs her throat and says 'Shut up and perhaps I'll let you live just a little bit longer. Don't let it cross your mind that I wouldn't mind raping a dead girl'
  • The only other cut is made to a close up of the Poison Shiuriken as it impales Jubei.

UK: Passed 18 uncut after previous BBFC cuts waived for:

  • UK 2004 Manga R2 DVD

Summary Review : Fantastic

A ninja-for-hire is forced into fighting an old nemesis who is bent on overthrowing the Japanese government. His nemesis is also the leader of a group of demons each with superhuman powers.

Ninja Scroll is usually one of the first anime films people see along with Akira and Ghost in the Shell , and with good reason too as it's fantastic!

The plot is very good, it moves along at a sensible pace with a good balance between dialogue and action and unfolds cleverly, giving the viewer snippets of what's going on along the way and piecing it together thoroughly at the end.

The film fully deserves it's 18 certificate as Ninja Scroll is very violent and has many other scenes and themes of an adult nature as a warning to those who decide to watch it lightly.

  Ninja Scroll...

Classic and once cut Japanese anime gets a UK DVD and Blu-ray release

Link Here 29th November 2012


29th November  


  Prejudiced Against Daily Mail Readers...

BBC TV censor decide that it was reasonable for a news reporter to speak of Daily Mail readers' 'prejudices'

Link Here 29th November 2012
29th November  


  Split Opinions...

Australia's advert censors claim lads' mag Facebook page is advertising Facebook and therefore open to censorship

Link Here 29th November 2012


29th November  
  Babes in Australia...

Nine also said that it had introduced new, stricter rules for presenters, as follows:

  • The Presenters must not touch each other at any time, including kissing.
  • The Presenters must not mention, talk about or refer to any sexual acts or sexually [suggestive] acts.
  • The Presenters must not consume any drink or food on camera.

Even though Nine did not breach any of ACMA's rules, the broadcaster has since stopped airing BabeTV Live.

  Babes in Australia...

Interesting article outline how Australian TV tried out babe channel programming

Link Here 29th November 2012




29th November  
  Extremist Censors...

  Extremist Censors...

Moscow court bans internet videos of Pussy Riot's church performance

Link Here 29th November 2012  full story: Blasphemy in Russia...Offending religious beliefs or desecration of holy objects or symbols
29th November Update:
  Symbolic Nastiness...

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 Update: Symbolic Nastiness...

Egypt sentences absent Americans to death for charges associated with the Innocence of Muslims

Link Here 29th November 2012  full story: The Innocence of Muslims...Muslim world gets wound up by silly movie
29th November Offsite Article:
  The Leveson Report...

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US Mainstream DVDs

Video Universe


 Offsite Article: The Leveson Report...

Link Here 29th November 2012  full story: Leveson Report...Proposal to appoint Ofcom as the UK's newspaper censor
An inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press

See article from official-documents.gov.uk


routinely further cut for home video).

The BBFC cut was:

  • to remove a very brief shot of Alabama being thrown through a glass shower curtain in the hotel room assault by Virgil.

UK: The Director's Cut/Unrated Version was passed 18 uncut for:

  • UK 1999 Warner VHS

Pulp Fiction is a 1994 US crime film by Quentin Tarantino
With John Travolta and Uma Thurman. YouTube icon IMDb

UK: Passed 18 uncut for:
  • UK 1994 cinema release
UK: Passed 18 after 3s of BBFC cuts for:
  • UK 2008 Buena Vista DVD and Blu-ray
  • UK 2002 Buena Vista Collector's Edition R2 DVD
  • UK 2001 Buena Vista R2 DVD
  • UK 2000 Buena Vista VHS
  • UK 1995 Buena Vista VHS

The BBFC explained:

  • 3 seconds were reframed on the Buena Vista video versions of 1996 to remove a close up of heroin injection. The BBFC cut this on the grounds of potential harm to viewers: the injection image is known to be hypnotically seductive to some potentially addictive young people and is nearly an advertisement for the pleasures of heroin injection.

UK: Passed 18 uncut with previous BBFC cut waived for strong violence, sex references and hard drug use for:

  • UK 2011 Lions Gate Video

Jackie Brown is a 1997 USA crime thriller by Quentin Tarantino.
With Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Forster. IMDb

No censorship issues

Kill Bill: Vol 1 is a 2003 US action film by Quentin Tarantino.
With Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Daryl Hannah. YouTube icon IMDb

The Japanese version, which will also be screened in other Asian countries, is only a minute or two longer than the American one, but according to producer Lawrence Bender, it packs a bigger punch. There are a few extra shots in different scenes, the anime sequence of O-Ren Ishii's (Lucy Liu) childhood is longer, and the entire House of Leaves scene, where the Bride (Uma Thurman) slices and dices the Crazy 88, remains in color throughout (as opposed to cutting to black and white and then back to color in the American version). In addition, the dedication in the opening credits to the late Kinji Fukasaku, the king of ultraviolence and one of Tarantino's great influences, is not included on the American version.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 is a 2004 USA action thriller by Quentin Tarantino.
With Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Michael Madsen. IMDb

There is an Asian Version that is 46s longer but the extra material is totally uncontentious and uninteresting.

Death Proof is a 2007 US action film by Quentin Tarantino.
With Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell and Rosario Dawson. IMDb

The Extended Version includes a complete lap dance show played over Baby, It's You performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. There are also changes to the dialogue in a drunken conversation in which Shanna falls down on her butt.

Also available with edits as part of a US Theatrical Double Feature, Grindhouse, with Planet Terror and fake trailers

Inglourious Basterds is a 2009 USA/Germany adventure drama war by Quentin Tarantino.
With Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger and Eli Roth. IMDb

The Theatrical and International Versions differ only in using a different mix of spoken language and subtitles

  Tarantino XX...

UK Box set comes with a history of cuts and versions

Link Here 28th November 2012




28th November  
  Fantasising that we are Living in Iran...

ASA dismiss more whinges about adverts featuring bikinis

  Fantasising that we are Living in Iran...

ASA dismiss more whinges about adverts featuring bikinis

Link Here 28th November 2012




28th November Update:
  Ending an Insult to Free Speech...

Netherlands set to scrap its archaic blasphemy laws


 Update: Ending an Insult to Free Speech...

Netherlands set to scrap its archaic blasphemy laws

Link Here 28th November 2012
Postponing an Insult to Free Speech...

Russia delays enacting archaic blasphemy laws