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 Sttrong language and alcohol at Brit Awards

22nd February

Prize Fun...

Sharon Osbourne has fun whilst nutters whinge

Brit Awards logoOfcom have received 43 complaints about Wednesday night's Brit Awards.

Most viewers who contacted the body about ITV1's live broadcast were upset by strong language.

Host Sharon Osbourne turned the air blue when comedian Vic Reeves took to the stage. Reeves appeared to forget which award he was there to present.

Osbourne accused him of being drunk, and yelled a string of obscenities. Reeves later blamed his confusion on a faulty autocue.

Most celebrities wasted no time getting stuck into the free alcohol at London's Earls Court. Comic Alan Carr admitted he was a bit worse for wear as he presented an award to Take That.

Double winners Arctic Monkeys also seemed well-refreshed and organisers cut them off mid-speech when they began poking fun at the Brits School.


18th February

Update: Freak Bitch...

Whingeing about Lady GaGa at the Brit Awards

Bad Romance Lady Gaga V iewers have complained about Lady Gaga's language at the Brit Awards.

The New York singer used an electronic sound pad to repeatedly say freak bitch during her performance at the pre-watershed time of 8.45pm. She was singing her tracks Telephone and Bad Romance .


19th February

Update: Knobhead of the Year Award...

Liam Gallagher gets his name on the Brit Awards Ofcom complaints sheet

Whats Story Morning Glory Liam Gallagher lost his cool with Peter Kay after the comedian insulted him during the BRIT Awards. While accepting Best Album of the Last 30 Years on behalf of Oasis, Gallagher threw out a few choice words, hurled a microphone and tossed the trophy into the crowd.

Gallagher's onstage speech consisted of him telling the crowd that the best in the fucking world live forever . He thanked all of his band mates somewhere in there, except for his brother Noel. Afterward, Kay, who was hosting the event, remarked to the millions watching that Gallagher was knobhead.

Afterward Gallagher went backstage for an interview for ITV2's live backstage coverage, which was conducted by his wife Nicole Appleton. During the interview, he said fucking twice, and then when the interview was at an end, he left his wife red in the face by blurting that it was nice and then asking if they could all take loads of class A drugs .

No doubt Ofcom got plenty of complaints.


 Update: ITV pussies...

ITV criticised for the post watershed censorship Skepta at the Brit Awards

Link Here 23rd February 2017
Shutdown Brit Award viewers were left unimpressed during Wednesday's live show on ITV, after Skepta's performance was heavily censored.

The grime artist was one of several British stars to take to the stage performing his song Shutdown . However, despite the fact that Skepta's performance was aired after the 9pm watershed, the audio was cut several times throughout his time on stage, due to his repeated use of the word pussy .

Some took to Twitter in the immediate aftermath to voice their disdain for the censorship, particularly as it came just minutes after presenter Dermot O'Leary had sworn during the ceremony. The Huffington Post provided a few examples:

  • Don't start that audio muting bullshit #brits204
  • Muting Skepta's Shutdown chorus because it has the word pussy in is bullshit
  • They're muting the word pussy. Dermot just said batshit. And they're muting pussy. I mean. What?


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