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 Knife Blame
 Media predictably blamed for increased knife crime
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21st June

A Stab in the Dark...

Nice 'n' Naughty

Boris Johnson blames video games for London's knife crime


5th July

Update: Oasis Dries Up...

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Pop music to blame for sad deterioration of performers minds


15th July

Comment: Lame Blade Blame...

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Beyer's gang challenges Brown's gang


25th July

Update: Remembering the Good Old Days...

Richard Attenborough blames violent media for knife crime


26th July

Update: Holy Blade Blame Batman!...

Victim lead censorship calls focus on Batman film


27th July

Offsite: Nutter Press Enjoying Dark Knight...

Our attitude to violence is beyond a joke as The Dark Knight, shows


30th July

Nutters Feed off the Media...

Beyer recommends Wire in the Blood


30th July

Update: Holy Cretins...

The Daily Mail wade into the Batman nonsense


30th July

Update: Shanked...

Nutters stick the knife into a Facebook application


1st August

Offsite: The Dark Knight vs Halo 3...

Videogames: Why the Government should be educating, not 'protecting'


3rd August

Update: Batman vs Nutter Vaz...

Keith Vaz wades in to harangue the BBFC


6th August

Offsite: Hate Mail...

The Daily Mail has a rant at the BBFC


8th August

Update: The World of Batman Certificates...

Are the BBFC out of step with the rest of the world?


9th August

Offsite: The BBFC is scarier than The Dark Knight...

Killjoy politicians call on the BBFC to give Batman film a 15 certificate
24th January

Update: The Dark Knight to Take the Rap?...

Crazed knife attacker styled on The Joker kills babies in a creche

A man resembling the Batman villain The Joker killed two children and a child care worker during a knife attack on a creche in the Belgian town of Dendermonde on Friday.

The 20-year-old assailant had a painted white face, eye shadow and ginger hair, and was wearing a bullet proof vest, witnesses said.

He tricked his way into the Fabeltjesland day care centre at 10am by claiming to have a meeting with one of the members of staff. He then drew a 12in knife and began to slash at children aged between a few months and two years old.

There were 21 infants in the creche and six supervisors. All of the victims were stabbed in the throat or head. Parents gathered in the Dendermonde town hall and, with psychologists in support, identified the victims using photographs.

Nine children escaped unharmed. Three of the creche's child care workers were injured as they tried to fend off the attacker.

Theo Janssens, Dendermonde's deputy mayor, said that the man just went crazy.

The knifeman was pursued by a police helicopter and arrested in a nearby supermarket still in possession of the weapon used in the attack. Alphonso De Baaker, a retired teacher, said the attacker had a history of mental illness.