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News Censorship in Russia

Reporters murdered, media silenced


Tit for tat...

Russia responds to Ofcom investigation of propaganda channel RT by investigating the BBC propaganda channel

Link Here11th January 2019

Russia's media censor says it has found material on BBC websites that broadcast the ideological attitudes of international terrorist organisations.

Roskomnadzor said it was looking at quotes from the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The regulator said it would now review the BBC's output for compliance with its Russian broadcast licence.

It is a response to the UK's media censor Ofcom who investigation and censure of Russia's propaganda channel RT.


7th September

 Offsite: The Death of Magomed Yevloyev...

A terrifying and tragic blow to freedom of expression in Russia

See article from


4th September

Policing Dissent...

Dissenting reporters killed in Russia

Authorities must thoroughly investigate the murder of Telman Alishayev, a reporter and host for the Islamic television channel TV-Chirkei, and the severe attack in Kabardino-Balkariya against Miloslav Bitokov, editor-in-chief of the independent weekly Gazeta Yuga.

Alishayev died today of gunshot wounds sustained in an attack in Dagestan's capital, Makhachkala. He is the second journalist to be shot and killed in the restive North Caucasus region in three days. Magomed Yevloyev, the owner of the critical news Web site Ingushetiya, was killed in the custody of Ingush police on Sunday.

In a separate incident, Bitokov was hospitalized today with multiple injuries after three unidentified men beat him at the entrance to his apartment building in Nalchik, capital of the North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkariya.

Just three days after the death of our colleague Magomed Yevloyev, we mourn the loss of yet another Russian journalist. Our deepest condolences go to Telman Alishayev's family, colleagues, and friends, said Nina Ognianova, CPJ's Europe and Central Asia program coordinator. The vicious string of violence against journalists in the North Caucasus region can only be countered by the resolve of Russian authorities to solve these crimes. We call on police and prosecutors to aggressively investigate Telman Alishayev's murder and Miloslav Bitokov's beating, and to bring all of the perpetrators to justice.

The independent weekly Gazeta Yuga is one of the few news outlets in Kabardino-Balkariya to openly criticize local authorities.

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