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Viewers wound up by Philip Glenister comments

20th November

Update: Talking Pants...

Whinging at Marks and Spencers Christmas advert

Marks and Spencer's Christmas advert featuring actor Philip Glenister has been branded as sexist.

The Advertising Standards Authority is looking into eight complaints from viewers about the Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without... ad.

Glenister, who played chauvinist DCI Gene Hunt in the BBC show, says: That girl prancing around in her underwear.

The ad cuts to a model, wearing a bra and knickers, who asks: Moi? M&S said the complaints had come as a surprise.

The French underwear model Noemie Lenoir, who twirls around in a winter woodland scene, is a regular in Marks and Spencer's advertising campaign, alongside Myleene Klass and Twiggy.

An ASA spokeswoman said eight people had been in contact to complain that Glenister's comment, coupled with the shot of Lenoir in her underwear, was demeaning to women.

The advertising watchdog will now consider the complaints and decide by the end of next week whether to launch an investigation.


15th December

Update: Talking Pants...

ASA not to investigate Marks and Spencers Christmas advert

The advertising censor, ASA,  has dismissed claims of sexism over the Life on Mars actor Philip Glenister's turn in Marks & Spencer's Christmas TV campaign of sexism, following about 100 complaints.

In the campaign, Glenister is seen propping up the bar towards the end of the ad giving his take on what is great about Christmas: Oh come on, it's Christmas, he says in Gene Hunt-esque mode. That girl prancing around in her underwear.

The ad then ends with Noemie Lenoir, the regular lingerie model in M&S's commercials, scantily clad and doing twirls in a forest.

With regards to M&S, I can confirm we received 100 complaints but we did not consider there were grounds for an investigation and have closed the case, said an ASA spokesman.

We did not believe the comment, made by the character of Gene Hunt, about a well-known M&S underwear model was derogatory and considered it was unlikely to be interpreted as a negative comment on women in general or be seen as objectifying her.


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