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American Congress considers following China's lead in requiring strict identity verification before being able to air opinions on social networks

Link Here30th October 2021
It is not only the British parliament that is clamouring to control their subjects via an identity verification requirement fo social media users. Governments are=round the world are doubling their efforts to end online anonymity by proposing and introducing new laws that force users to hand over their identity documents (IDs) to use social media and by framing online anonymity as something that needs to be eradicated.

While most of these government efforts to end online anonymity have been widely covered in the media, America's recent proposals have managed to stay out of the spotlight. But despite flying under the radar, these proposals do exist in a discussion draft that was introduced by Congressman John Curtis in May.

The discussion draft aims to require a provider of a social media service to verify the identity of users of the service, and for other purposes and prevent anyone from creating a social media account without verifying their identity.

Not only does this discussion draft intend to make ID verification mandatory for anyone who wants to create a social media account but it also wants to force social media companies to report users to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) whenever they suspect users have submitted fake IDs. Additionally, it contains a requirement for the FTC to submit these reports to the United States (US) Department of Justice (DOJ).

While the discussion draft does include an exception for social media providers that have annual revenues of less than $1 billion for three consecutive years, the large social media platforms where the vast majority of the more than three billion total social media users are registered will be forced to verify the real identity of their users.



Extract: Driving towards international ID cards...

American Civil Liberties Union speaks of plans for an international digital ID card

Link Here 17th May 2021

A secretive international standards committee (which won't reveal its members but which appears to be made up exclusively of corporate and government representatives) is currently putting the finishing touches on a proposed interoperable global standard for what it calls mobile driver's licenses, or mDLs. The association representing U.S. DMVs is moving to implement that standard, as are federal agencies such as DHS and the TSA.

But the licenses we would get under this standard are not built to include airtight privacy protections using the latest cryptographic techniques. They are not built primarily to give individuals greater control over their information, but to advance the interests of major companies and government agencies in inescapably binding people to identity documents so they can be definitively identified online and off. It's vital that we only accept a system with the strongest possible privacy protections, given all the potential ways that mDLs could expand.



Offsite Article: Snooper's Delight...

Link Here4th May 2014
The US government moves forward with plans for an online ID for internet users

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