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ITV daytime show generates a little 'outrage'

2nd November

Update: A Few 'Outraged' Tweets...

A testicular cancer check on ITV's This Morning

This Morning 'stunned' a few easily offended viewers by showing a naked model being checked for testicular cancer live on air.

The ITV1 magazine show had been running a feature on male-related cancers when they showed a man having his testicles examined by the show's doctor. The intimate shots showed the model, naked save for a white dressing gown, having his genitals examined by Dr Chris Steele as host Phillip Schofield looked on.

Reaction to the today's footage was largely positive however, with many congratulating This Morning for tackling a serious health issue head on.

However, not all reaction to the daring segment was positive, as some viewers were left stunned and bemused by the intimate examination. The Daily Mail scoured Twitter and found 2 tweets:

  • I know it's for a good reason but watching a mans testicles on this morning was strange
  • No This Morning, I do not want to see testicles on my TV screen at lunch time.

A spokesperson for This Morning said:

Testicular cancer is an important issue to our viewers and the item and advice offered on today's programme - which we have covered before with lots of positive feedback - has again generated many positive comments and no complaints.

But as usually lately, Vivienne Pattison offered up her trivial sound bite via the Sun:

Vivienne Pattison, director of MediaWatch UK, which campaigns for responsible broadcasting, said: "Lots of people were offended."



Update: The sword inevitably proves mightier than the pen...

Charlie Hebdo will no longer feature Mohammed cartoons

Link Here 18th July 2015
Full story: This Morning...ITV daytime show generates a little 'outrage'
The editor of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has said the magazine will no longer draw cartoons of the religious character Mohammed.

Laurent Sourisseau told news magazine, Stern , that the magazine had done its job and what it had set out to fulfil. The weekly magazine's editor, who is known as Riss, said:

We have drawn Mohammad to defend the principle that one can draw whatever they want. It is a bit strange though: we are expected to exercise a freedom of expression that no one dares to.

We've done our job. We have defended the right to caricature.

He told the German magazine he did not want to believe the magazine was possessed by Islam but maintained that he believed that they had the right to criticise all religions .


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