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Aggressive women's group campaign against aything men


Update: Ex Object...

Extreme feminist campaign group officially wound up

Link Here21st April 2017
Full story: Object...Aggressive women's group campaign against aything men
ObjectNow Ltd, the company used by the extreme feminist campaign group Object, has been officially wound up.



A Parrot Object...

Stripping the Illusion asks if the extremist feminist campaign group Object has ceased to be

Link Here7th September 2015
Full story: Object...Aggressive women's group campaign against aything men
  Object's website has ceased to be.  twitter and facebook postings seem to have stopped on the 7th July, and Object as a company have failed to file both their accounts (a 150 fine) and annual returns. asks:

Does Object even have a future? I am sure that when this is read someone will try to make object look active but over the last couple of years they have had less and less impact and failed to deliver anything other than a jolly to Brazil for Roz Hardie, certainly hope that wasn't the last of the funds. And if I donated to Object in the past I would be stopping any standing orders.

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Update: Whinge Objects...

Feminist campaign group offended by bus shelter advert for small ads website VivaStreet

Link Here29th May 2015
Full story: Object...Aggressive women's group campaign against aything men
West Midlands transport executive, Centro has taken down posters from Birmingham bus stops after the feminist Object campaign group claimed that they were sex adverts.

The posters for small ads website show three young women with the slogan: A little bit of Bella...A little bit of Layla...A little bit of Nicola ... The wording is an apparent reference to the 1999 chart hit Mambo Number 5 and the adverts ends: Get your own little bit .

For some reason, the local newspaper, the Birmingham Mail, felt it necessary to pixellate the girls faces when reporting the story.

The Object group has reported Vivastreet, which offers personal ads and an adult section on its site, to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

Centro has now removed the adverts from all its sites and spokesman Mark Langford said:

Advertising on Centro bus shelters is contracted to a third party company who manage it on our behalf. As a condition of this, Centro stipulates material should meet national standards of taste and decency.

As soon as concerns about the nature of the website being promoted was brought to our attention we investigated and ordered the posters to be removed immediately from all Centro-owned sites.

We are meeting with the company to discuss the arrangements in place to manage future advertising material so that it meets the required standards.

A spokeswoman for the ASA said they had received more than 20 complaints about the adverts and said they would all be carefully assessed .



Offsite Article: Hate Objects...

Link Here29th November 2014
Full story: Object...Aggressive women's group campaign against aything men
Object protest at Spearmint Rhino, and their stream of hateful abuse is caught on YouTube

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