Diary of a Teenage Girl

BBFC under fire for an 18 rating for a teenage film


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Link Here 8th August 2015
Star of The Diary Of A Teenage Girl claims the BBFC is scared of girls after rating it 18

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David Cooke speaks about the 18 rating for Diary of a Teenage Girl

Link Here 25th August 2015
David Cooke, the director of the BBFC told the New Statesman that the film was classified 18 thanks mainly to its eight sex scenes, use of cocaine, LSD and marijuana, and what Cooke calls the glamorisation of drug use in the film. He added that the age gap between Minnie and Monroe, and the fact that Minnie is underage, would also have affected the decision.

He also said that the film very clearly fits into the 18 classification and wasn't a borderline case.

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Update: Too Much Fun...

David Cooke speaks about A Diary of a Teenage Girl and avoiding the temptation to stay forever as boss of the BBFC

Link Here 10th September 2015


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