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Internet Cesnorship in Nigeria

Censorship in the name of 'fake news'


Non-consensual censorship...

Nigeria bans all internet porn with an advance notice of just 24 hours

Link Here 23rd June 2022
Full story: Internet Cesnorship in Nigeria...Censorship in the name of 'fake news'
The government of Nigeria has ordered all open-access online platforms to remove, disable or block access to all pornographic content.

Although the introduction to the order, which was issued last week, specifically targets any non-consensual content, which displays partial or full nudity, sexual acts, deep fake or revenge porn, a less-prominent section expands the ban to all illegal material and orders platforms to inform users through the terms of service not to create, publish, promote, modify, transmit, store or share any content or information that is defamatory, libelous, pornographic, revenge porn, bullying, harassing, obscene, encouraging money laundering, exploiting a child, fraud, violence or inconsistent with Nigeria's laws and public order.

The order was made public last Tuesday, with all platforms available given only 24 hours to comply.

It is unclear what the reach and success of the measure has been in practice.



If you build it...they will follow...

Nigeria is attempting to set up a state internet censor and notes that it is following the lead of the likes of the UK

Link Here 21st June 2021
Full story: Internet Cesnorship in Nigeria...Censorship in the name of 'fake news'
A recent government move in Nigeria to establish a state internet foundered after public opposition.

However the Nogerian government is undaunted and has now plotted another route to censor the media.

Information minister Lai Mohammad earlier in the week told the parliament to empower the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission by extending the agency's power to censor the media to include all online media through the ongoing amendment of the agency's Act currently being considered. Mohammed explained that the regulation of social media platforms is becoming a global practice saying:

Most countries have come to terms with the power wielded by the tech giants and how governments are vulnerable to such powers. Hence, the need for regulation

He said that Singapore, Algeria, Pakistan, Turkey censor social media and noted that Australia is about to be added to the list/ He added:

The UK had initiated a new law that places a fine up to 18 million pounds (about N10.8 billion) on social media companies if they failed to stamp out online abuses.



Fake justification...

Nigeria is the latest country to extend internet censorship using the pretext of 'fake news'

Link Here 26th November 2019
Full story: Internet Cesnorship in Nigeria...Censorship in the name of 'fake news'
Nigerian lawmakers have proposed legislation that would hit Internet users with steep fines or jail time for spreading what authorities decide is 'fake news'.

Under what is known as the social media bill, which the Nigerian Senate advanced last week, police could arrest people whose posts are thought to threaten national security, sway elections or diminish public confidence in the government, according to the draft text.

Authorities could also cut the Internet access of those that violate the regulation.

Nigerian social media users are widely condemning the new internet censorship proposal.

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